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What Deities are there in Shakti Peetam?

July 11, 2022

Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center is the Divine Abode of Universal Supreme Mother AdhiParaSakthi. This Mother is the Source, and Destination of all creations. In this multiverse, there is nothing as 'non-created'. Everything emanates from This Mother AdhiParaSakthi, as the name implies Adhi - Origin, Para - Time and Space Transcendent, Sakthi - Energy. This Energy is 'Mother' as It is the Creator. Can it be 'Father'? Why not? The gender is only biological and is only in the comfort of our minds.

Being the very origin of all things created, known & unknown, matter & anti-matter, living & non-living, the only Deity housed in Shakti Peetam is that of this Mother. She has taken a form very same as a normal human being - just two hands and a head with beautifully sculptured figure representing the cosmic beauty of Her creation. In this form, She holds a Lotus Bud in Her right hand and Chin Mudra on Her left hand. She is seated on a Lotus Pedestal with Her right leg folded and left leg hanging at a 45-degree angle, with Her heels in line with Her navel. The Lotus Bud in Her right hand represents the freshness of wisdom and knowledge, while the Chin Mudra on Her left hand is blessing and embracing all those who come to Her.

Since the very origin AdhiParaSakthi is seated in Shakti Peetam, there is no need for any other Deity, as all of them operate under Her purview. Even Navagrahas don't find their place here as She Ordains, "Navagrahas are the officers appointed by Me to enforce the Karmic Law. They function under My big toe and are bound by Me. Those who come to Me, need not be concerned about Navagrahas and their effect."

In the future, we have plans to consecrate Shaptha Kanni Matrikas (Brahmi, Maheshwari, Koumari, Vaishnavi, Vaaraahi, Indrani, and Chamundi), who are the seven virgin guardian mothers always around Mother AdhiParaSakthi.

Om Sakthi! Para Sakthi! Om Sakthi! AdhiParaSakthi!

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