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Operations & Timings

Abhiskek & Rituals on Saturdays

The volunteers dressed in red color will start the day with preparations to do full Abhishekam to Mother AdhiParaSakthi, do the Mantra Parayanam with one-and-a-half hour of AdhiParaSakthi Mantra recitation in following sequence.

1. Moola Mantra
2. Aarthi for Mother Statue
3. Ganesha Pooja
4. Kalasa pooja
5. Moola Mantra
6. Day’s 1008 Potri ( AdhiShakti Sahasranaamam)
7. 108 Potri Thiruvuru (AdhiShakti Ashtothram)
8. Adhiparasakthi Kavacham
9. Manthira Kooru, Shakti Vazhipaadu
10. Charanam
11. Abhishekam and Alankaaram to Mother must be performed simultaneously during the Mantra Recitation

During this Mantra recitation, Mother AdhiParaSakthi Vigraha gets decorated in flowers.

The ritual ends with Grand Musical Maha Arathi and Naivedhyam is done.

Food is distributed to all visitors.  

Visitors & Sponsors Guide

ONLY SPONSORS of Weekly Ritual will be permitted to perform Abhishekam to Mother AdhiParaSakthi Vigraham on Saturdays.

SPONSORS  can perfom Abhishekam, Archana, and Aarthi to Mother AdhiParaSakthi by yourself guided by Sevakas

All Visitors to Shakti Peetam will be assisted and guided by Red Clad Volunteers to perform the following:

1. On arrival, please meet with a Red Clad Sevaka and let them know your name and nakshatra.

2. If you plan to spend 15 minutes or more at Peetam, you can request the volunteer(s) to perform Sankalpam and Archana.

3. Sevaka, will perfom Sankalpa and give a small cup with Kum-Kum and get you seated for Archana. They will also instruct on how to do Archana.

4. Sevaka will recite Moola Mantra and 108 Potri Thiruvuru for Mother AdhiParaSakthi while you perform Kum-Kum Archana, followed by you giving Arathi.

5. Visitors and Devotees only if wearing red attire (any shade of red) will be allowed to enter the Moolasthaana, give Aarthi, and go in Pradhakshana around Mother Statue. Please DO NOT touch the Statue. Please DO NOT stand and pray inside Moolasthaana.

Mother Abhishek
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Shakti Peetam is open for the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

If you are planning to visit on a weekday, please contact the temple here 

Fridays- 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EDT

Saturdays - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

Sundays - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

Prasad  distribution on all the above days


Special dates/timings that we are open will be published closer to the dates.

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