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Temple Construction

With Amma’s Blessings,  On April 5th, 2023 Wednesday Pournami and Panguni Utthram the Shakti Peetam Carving and dressing work launched religiously in Kancheepuram, TN India.

The building on the left is the “completed” state of existing white building constructed in 2017. It will be finished to serve as Meditation Center of Shakti Peetam. The grey color structure is all carved out of black granite stone, assembled and corrected, numbered in sequence in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India and shipped in containers to US for erection / assembly in Chester Springs. 
The yellow color structures will be brick and mortar construction on site in Chester Springs. 

The eight pillars are named “Ashta Lakshmi” Pillars which will carved with eight unique Lakshmi Statues on them. 

The thick durable glass walls will enclose with fully functional HVAC and ventilation fans. 

There will be an additional enclosed space for devotees to leave their footwear, hang their coats, and wash their foot. 

There will be access ramp for the physically challenged. 

Building Image 3.jpeg

 Phase 1 

 Karuvarai and Artha Mandapam 

Sculpting is done in Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu,  India  and 75% of Karuvarai and Artha Mandapam has been completed, working on Prastharam currently. As per plan, the Gopuram (three level) will be constructed onsite after erecting the stone work on foundation.  We are targeting to start the onsite work this summer of 2024. The final stage of Karuvarai is being finished. Below picture is the west side assembly of Sthambavargam. Above this is going to be  Prasthuram will be needed to finish and get ready for shipping from India.

The first three containers of carved temple is getting ready for shipping from Kancheepuram to US soon.
We are requesting all of you to generously donate your contributions towards this righteous cause. 
Please send your donation checks made payable to ACMEC OF NA, Inc with memo “Temple Construction Project” and either drop in Shakti Peetam or mail to following address:

P. O. Box 1485
Blue Bell, PA 19422

You can also make your donations online at 


Pictures of sculptures from the beginning of the project

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