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Annadhaana is Mahaadhaana

July 22, 2022

Om Sakthi! 'Giving' is one of the greatest acts of kindness. All of us have been created with this gift of being able to 'Give'. Even animals and other species have this ability to 'Give'. The primary nature of the cycle of creation, sustenance, and dissolution is designed based on the foundational principle of 'Giving'. If this act doesn't exist, everything will cease to exist or perish. It is also how the law of karma works.

If sun doesn't give its light, or nature doesn't give its rain, or fails to provide air, and our soil doesn't give life to plants, none of the life can sustain. The law of karma basically 'gives' rewards for our good deeds and thoughts. Similarly, it gives 'punishments' for our bad deeds and intentions. You 'give' and you will 'get'. Simple as it is.

All life forms need food for survival and this need surpasses all others. Without food, we cannot live. Period. Annadhaana is not just about giving food to poor and needy. It is about giving food to anyone or anything that needs food. There are stories in Indian history and scriptures about Kings taking food from common peasants and praising simplest of simple food served to them as if they just had nectar. Situations define the need irrespective of status of individuals. Doing Annadhaana is a great way to neutralize our karmic ill effects. When people eating the food served go with a content and satisfied mind, that good thought helps negate the forces impacting one's life, i.e. the "giver's" mind.

Shakti Peetam is Mother's place. When Her children coming to Her abode are fed with nice food, She gets elated and while the 'act' of Annadhaana itself can negate our karmic ill effects, Mother AdhiParaSakthi showers Her Grace and Blessings on providers for feeding Her children visiting Her Abode. It is a double benefit.

This is the sole reason why Annam (Food) is given free to all visitors in Shakti Peetam. The quality, quantity, and variety of palatable food given in Shakti Peetam simply reflects the principle that it is your Mother's Abode. You are Her child. When you visit your Mother's Home, She fills your heart and soul with Her Grace to give you peace and prosperity in Life. Her Sevakas on Her behalf fill your stomach with scrumptious food.

A special committee named 'SPSC Annadhaana Committee' was established in 2018 to implement this scheme, which has been diligently functioning to plan and execute food / prasadam distribution to all free of charges. Your contributions towards Annadhaana is well directed to be effective in providing for all visitors and devotees.

Donate generously to Annadhaana in Shakti Peetam. Make the Mother Happy.

Om Sakthi! Parasakthi! Om Sakthi! AdhiParaSakthi!

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