​​Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center, PA USA (Om Sakthi Peetam) Hindu Temple in Chester Springs PA USA religious charities

Please fill the form below and submit to express your interest in volunteering at Shakti Peetam. If you are unsure of which service to provide your volunteership,  please select 'Open to Assignment'.

Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center of NA in Chester Springs, PA USA has been a one hundred percent volunteer driven and managed organization since its inception in 1996. The objective is to continue the status quo unless unforeseen circumstances arise in the future.

Being a volunteer in Shakti Peetam comes with a win-win proposition for both the institution and individuals. Especially school going kids, gain exposure and experience in multitude of skills in a setting of a corporate environment but a not-for-profit religious, charitable, educational, and cultural focus. It helps add a character to the personality of individuals.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in Shakti Peetam both for adults and high school kids. Please see the list below and contact me directly to get engaged. End of the school year we will issue Certificate of Service and Recognition to kids. It will be an excellent addition to candidate profile and credential. 

Individuals volunteering in Shakti Peetam will be observed and evaluated for their leadership profile, taking directions, dedication and commitment to completing tasks, team player, communication, problem solving skills, learning aptitude, willingness to serve the society, collaboration, creativity, active listening, and ability operate independently.

Religious Services:
Friday evening - storing flowers in water containers - 30 mins per week. 
Saturday morning- join decoration team to make garlands for Maa AdhiParaSakthi. - 1 to 3 hours from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon (select your time) - once a week but choose your own week. 
Saturday morning - washing and cleaning Pooja vessels like lamps, arti plates, etc - 30 mins. Once a week. 

Technology Services:
Website redesign, development, testing and implementation - No due date, spend your own time but expected to commit 1 to 2 hours per week at the minimum. 

Video Production for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook publications. Cover special events, festivals. Every Saturday covers the weekly ritual in shorts (YouTube) and Reels (Instagram) with relevant information.  Special topics on spirituality to educate general population - a periodic exercise. 

Email Publications - Weekly email with relevant informal and updates. 

Charity Services:
Lead, coordinate, liaison with local charity organizations and Shakti Peetam Patrons to complete relevant charity activities to help less privileged people especially women and children. 

Financial Operations:
First Saturday of every month prepare, and mail receipts to donors. Maintain electronic record (training will be provided).

Editorial Board:
If you have passion for writing and English, please join our ERAB (Editorial Review and Approval Board) responsible for publishing documents like SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure), Public Relations documents like letters, invitations, flyers etc. 

Facilities & Infrastructure Management (FIM):
Volunteer to manage our 24.5-acre property including but not limited to preventive maintenance, landscaping, keeping things in order, storage, etc. 

General Administration:
Taking, recording and maintaining inventory of essential items in Shakti Peetam (list of items will be given). 

If anyone is interested in learning and practicing Shakti Sadhana, please come forward to learn and engage in performing religious services in Shakti Peetam. Learning will include - winding Kalasam (you can engage for one hour per week to make and install Kalasam for the weekly ritual), mantra recitation, Arathi, doing dhrishti, etc. 

Make Shakti Peetam a part of your life.