Our Strategy

Four founding pillars of Devotion (Bhakti), Selfless Service (Seva), Charity (Dhaana), and Penance (Dhyaana)
Total equality transcending all differentiators
Self-Service. Spirituality is not-for-sale.
Women empowerment
Worship and preservation of nature

​​Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center, PA USA (Om Sakthi Peetam) Hindu Temple in Chester Springs PA USA religious charities

​Our Mission

Establish Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center to enable a platform of learning and practicing the non-agamic way of Shakti Path transcending all differentiators. 

Provide an exemplary spiritual experience to seekers and all alike.

Our Operating Model

One hundred percent Volunteer managed and run
Finance through donations / fundraisers
Enable conscience of love & bliss
Free food to all visitors on operating days/times
Personal development / self-help
Charity support to women, children, and educational needs

Our Vision

A world of coexistence, love and peace, through spiritual consciousness of Mother AdhiParaSakthi Motto

“One Mother! One Humanity”

Join Us
We would love to see you at the Shakti Peetam. The 24 acres of serene land provides an ambience for a peace and joyful mind. Our recent renovation has resulted in a beautiful and inspiring environment that you'll love coming to. With your hard work and support, we continue to gradually build up a carefully designed place of worship keeping the balance of nature that the entire community can be proud of. Come and enjoy the bliss of Mother and relax away from a busy life!

Volunteer Opportunities 
We welcome anyone looking to volunteer their time and talent to the many ongoing temple projects and regular maintenance required to keep our temple open and running smoothly. If you possess a skill that can be of use to help us or merely have the desire to help, let us know today, and we'll tell you the opportunities we currently have available. 

This Shakti Peetam is the very first and only one to-date in the North America where our Spiritual Guru His Holiness Shri Bangaru Amma laid the foundation stone on September 3rd of year 2000. ​​Mother AdhiParaSakthi Vigraha (Statue) sculpted by Mr. Subbaiah Sthapathi, the official master sculptor of Kanchi Kamakshi Temple in the year 2003 and brought to Chester Springs in May 2003. After a long spiritual tour named Karikolam for abount 40,000 miles across entire United States of America, the Statue was housed in a small temporary structure in October of 2012.

Blessed in Arulvaakku (Oracle) by Mother Adhiparasakthi on Sunday 6th November 2022, the work for constructing Moolasthaana (Garbhagruha) as a fully granite carved final abode of Mother AdhiParaSakthi was started on Panguni Uthiram April 5th, 2023 in the temple town of Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu, India. The gray color structures shown in the Moolasthaana Architecture Pictures here are sculpted by Shilpis in India on solid black granite boulders. The long-awaited dream of constructing the Moolasthaanam (Garbhagruham) for our Divine Mother AdhiParaSakthi is here now. This is the ONLY time that any of us can make our everlasting contributions to build the Home for the Mother. Please avail this once in your lifetime opportunity to build the Home for Your Divine Mother. The contribution you make to build the Garbhagruham for Your Divine Mother AdhiParaSakthi is an everlasting investment to ensure continued better life for you, your family and generations to come. Your contribution will go straight into procuring stone, carving / dressing the sculpture of Garbhagruham in Kancheepuram, TN India, shipped to US and installed in Chester Springs. Mother AdhiParaSakthi will be permanently consecrated inside this Garbhagruham. 

Only a few souls are blessed with this unique and lifetime opportunity to participate in building a home for eternal Mother AdhiParaSakthi. 

Donations are solicited from each and every one of you towards building the final Shakti Peetam Temple. Please be kind and generous in donating. Click the "Donation" tab and make your contribution. The amount doesn't matter. However small or large, your contribution should come from your heart. That alone will keep this Shakti Peetam vibrating your energy to all visitors for thousands of years.​ 

Please write your donation checks payable to ACMEC OF NA, Inc with memo “Sakthi Peetam Garbhagruham Funds” and drop your check in the Hundi in Shakti Peetam or mail to: ACMEC OF NA, Inc P. O. Box 1485 Blue Bell, PA 19422.

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To speak with someone in Shakti Peetam, please call 1-855-792-0009

Write an email to info@sakthitemple.org