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  • Thank you very very much. Keep the beautiful decoration going on, next time add some colorful single flowers on her head along the hair bands and her Netri chutti and stick or let it flow the flowers on her shoulders too. Some time with out any saree,  just on her body along the lines stick the flowers, it will go very nice with her black body color and looks like she is wearing a black saree with colorful flowers on it. Can also use single color stones and artificial flowers too here and there. I decorate her in my mind when I do pooja, and I'm seeing part of my decoration when you send out the mail, that's why I'm sending you some ideas. Thank you very much, -- Ponni subbiah.  


  • ​This is amazing work!  - Kumar Ayer
  • ​Om shakti - She looks gorgeous - Poonam​
  • She (Amma) is very proud of her children's hard work of decorating her with all the beautiful flowers.  Poosanikkai thristy for amma and the sakthis who did all. - Ponni
  • ​​Wowwww...Amma kreetam..Paavaadai and the flowers to hide the wood on the sides are really superb..Please pass this to aunty and Saamy Anna. - Akila


  • Beautiful capturing of Annai's smiling pics!I especially like Annai's Vepillaie thoedu...Kudos to Satya Akka's creativity! - Shanthi


  • Wowwwwww. .Amma surrounded with lots of flowers...Awesome..As usual Swamy's Amma's flower paavadai design is superb, uncle.

And Amma garlanded by lots of Jasmine flowers..entire temple would have nice fragrance ...... :)   Missed seeing it in person. -Akila

  • ​Yes..Feels so nice to see Annai's diff diff flower alankars.. And..the white colored wooden frame which holds the garland is nice too. It seems like my long time dream come true (partially) where I wanted to see Amma decorated in garland, without burdening her shoulders. ​-Akila


  • Malar kneed am color combination, the pavadai a nod sattai looks so beautiful. We need to learn from Sakthi how to do it. He needs to teach us sometime. God bless him. --Mala Krishnan


  • Beauty par excellence. These photos should be displayed in the Peetam for public view as well. Fantastic efforts. Thanks --Raama

Wow, AMMA is pretty. Beautiful flower decorations. Thanks to all sakthis who worked. 
Omsakthi, - Sakthi PonniSubbiah.