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AdhiParaSakthi Moola Mantra

Om Sakthiye! ParaSakthiye!

Om Sakthiye! AdhiParaSakthiye!

Om Sakthiye! Maruvoor Arasiye!

Om Sakthiye! Om Vinaayakaa!

Om Sakthiye! Om Kaamaakshiye!

Om Sakthiye! Om Bangaaru Kaamakshiye!

​You can learn to pronounce AdhiParaSakthi Moola Mantra by listening to this audio clip given below. Just click on play button and listen as you read the six lines Moola Mantra. 

​​​​In Chester Springs, PA USA, Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center of NA has many moments that are worth carved in history of time. Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center (simply known as Om Sakthi Peetam) was founded by a group of simple Sakthi Sadhana practitioners hailing from different walks of life and geographies, who were totally unrelated to each other, the bondage brought together only by their faith to AdhiParaSakthi - The Universal Supreme Mother. The name AdhiParaSakthi is symbolic and representative of true source of creation. "Adhi" - Origin; "Para" - Inclusive and Transcendental of Time and Space Continuum; "Sakthi" - The Energy. AdhiParaSakthi although portrayed and worshipped as a Female (Mother) Deity, IT has no form, color, gender, biological aspects, or any characteristics. It is void of any characteristics, yet It is the all characteristics. She is in Motherly Form in Shakti Peetam, to denote absolute pure love. All are children of One Mother.

Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center is a 100%volunteer run & managed organization, mostly funded by generous donations by patrons. All regular religious services like archana, arathi, sankalpam, new vehicle pooja, housewarming / family wellbeing yagna, etc., are free service. The volunteers in red clad are truly solely focused on Bhakthi to Mother AdhiParaSakthi and indulge their heart, soul, time, and effort going above and beyond their normal life. Their commitment and dedication to serve The Mother and establish this Shakti Peetam is unsurpassed. While being in a normal household, these Sevakas are leading a truly God Conscious and Spiritual Life. Their blessing to visitors is equivalent to Saints like Siddhars, Naayaanmaars,etc.

Shakti Peetam & Spiritual Center (Om Sakthi Peetam) is a Temple / Place of Worship established, owned, and managed by ACMEC Society of NA, a 501-c non-profit religious and charity institution founded in April 1996. Being a Spiritual, Charitable, Educational & Medical Entity and purely run by volunteers, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and gender. Please contact us for school students volunteer internship programs, religious services to The Mother, and many more.

Please write to info@sakthitemple.org or call toll-free 1-855-792-0009.  Donate now....

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Be Part of a Grand Divine Scheme for elevating Spiritual Consciousness through Universality, Uniformity and Inclusivity

Shakti Peetam Moolasthaanam with Artha Mandapam and Mahaa Mandapam erected on Ashtalakshmi Pillars will be Guru Peetam for this part of the globe.

The temple is carved out of black granite stones in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu India and erected / assembled on foundation in Chester Springs, PA USA